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Why is it difficult for moms to celebrate themselves?

Most mothers face societal pressure to prioritize their children's needs above their own. There is a cultural expectation that mothers should be selfless and fully dedicated to their children's well-being. MOTHERHOOD DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A STRUGGLE!

A a mother I have experienced feelings of guilt when taking time for myself, but not anymore! I no longer question whether I deserve to focus on my own achievements or happiness, I just do it! I do it knowing it will not take away from me meeting my childs needs. Unfortunately internal self-criticism can hinder your ability to celebrate yourself.

Today is my birthday and I plan to do just that! Celebrate!

All or those overwhelming responsibilities will still be around!

Taking care of children, managing household tasks, and potentially balancing work or other commitments will still be around!.

I have learned sometimes MOM is the priority and thats ok!

I want to encourage moms to celebrate themselves! Whether its a birthday, graduation, promotion, or any accomplishment...Celebrate!!! You are making progress and should acknowledge all milestones just as we do with our children!

Carpe Diem

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